One of the primary focuses of the Student Ambassador Program is to build entrepreneurial campuses. The Pond-Deshpande Centre, NBSPRN and your mentors will act as a support system while you go through the process of executing your campus project.

Campus projects are a great platform for testing and pursuing ideas you are passionate about. Your project can be an event, workshop, initiative or simply bringing in a speaker to share their story or expertise. Your options are limitless- be as creative as possible!

Yes, success is a benefit of your campus project but this experience is more about the process of executing your venture. Through executing your project you will learn skills in; leadership, launching an idea, team dynamics, practical application of business practices: communications, marketing, market validation, project management and finance management.

Each team will submit one Project Description Outline by November 30


While your ideas are fresh in your mind we suggest you collaborate with your team mates sooner rather than later. 


Should you require a meeting space please contact:

Examples of Possible Campus Projects:

- Bring in guest speakers

- Start a peer-mentorship group

-Organize an Idea Generation Workshop

- FredTalks

- Startup Sackville

- Start an Enactus chapter at your university.

- Start an Entrepreneurship club

- Organize a pitch competition

- Create a co-working space on your campus

- Host a BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) event

- Create a communications campaign or strategy

- Start your own venture!

*Please ensure that you submit a project report after you've excuted your campus project.

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